About me

Two amazing events happened to me in 2010, firstly, my baby girl Willow arrived and secondly, I set up my very own company Butterfly Bakehouse.

It all started back in August 2007 when I decided to make a tower of cupcakes for my own wedding. Everyone thought I was mad taking on such a stressful task of baking 200 cupcakes the day before my big day, anyway, I did it and loved it! That’s when I started dreaming about running my own cake company.

That dream became a reality. I decided to wave goodbye to 12 years of working in the recruitment industry and hello to a career in cakes. Once again, people thought I was mad setting up a company with a newborn baby, anyway, I did it and here I am today doing what I absolutely love and with a gorgeous little girl to boot!

Dreams can come true…

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